New routing opportunities to markets in Europe and in Russia

As Cinia is constantly striving to meet the growing demands from the market, we have recently introduced new extensions in our network, that enable us to offer interesting diverse routes in the Nordics and in Europe. Network coverage of Cinia backbone network based on own and partner routes:


Helsinki - Stockholm

During the past few years we have seen a lot of new and increasing demand for the capacity from Finland and more and more demands from different markets to reach Finland.

In July 2020 we will have two diverse routes connecting Helsinki to Stockholm: you can meet us at Equinix SK1, Equinix SK2 and Interxion location.

The southern route has been up and running for some time now with the measured RTD of  5,2 ms. The diverse “Northern” route, will be available soon, providing an estimated RTD is of 5,2 ms.


Stockholm - Frankfurt

We have also seen increasing capacity demands from Stockholm to different cities in Europe using diversity routing compared to the legacy routes. After the C-Lion1 Hanko branch was deployed we have had the possibility to run the traffic avoiding Helsinki area. In Germany we can bypass Hamburg and run the traffic directly to Frankfurt.

Currently, you can meet Cinia at Equinix FR4 in Frankfurt. Later this year we will extend our coverage in Frankfurt to multiple other locations. Using our diverse route from Stockholm to Frankfurt bypassing both Helsinki and Hamburg we have measured RTD 22,4 ms.


Stockholm or Helsinki - Berlin

Our routes from either Stockholm or Helsinki offer a very interesting option to reach Berlin. From Stockholm we are using the Hanko branch to bypass the Helsinki area. In Germany we have a couple of options for the route to reach Berlin. This enables our customers to choose the route, which works best in their network design.

From Stockholm to Berlin the measured RTD is 17 ms.

From Helsinki to Berlin the measured RTD is 16 ms.


Helsinki - Hamburg - Amsterdam

Today our route extends also to Amsterdam through Hamburg. Key sites in Amsterdam like Interxion and Equinix are less than 22 ms RTD away from Helsinki.


Reach Russia with Cinia

We have longterm business relationships and interconnects with several Russian carriers. Some of them are interconnected with us at the Finnish-Russian border and some in Helsinki.

We have several route options available together with our trusted Russian partners. If you are interested to reach Russia, Cinia can provide you the connectivity as a one-stop shop.


Cinia connectivity to the data centers in Helsinki area

We have strong connectivity to all major data centers in the Helsinki area. To the key locations we have at least two diverse cable routes.

We can run your traffic from Helsinki or to Helsinki connecting Russia, Sweden and Germany with our high-quality network and to multiple other countries with our trusted partners.

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